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Dawah Department

Dawah Department is a soul-training section in the Jamatu Taawunil Muslimeen. It is the mother of all departments in the Jamaah because it deals with reforming the members souls with spiritual diet and guidance. It calls every member to correction and how to be steadfast, enduring, devoted, selfless, self-contented, Islamically ideological, morally upright, knowledgeable and methodical in Islamic propagation. Therefore, nobody would join Taawun movement without firstly passing through Dawah Department regardless of any department such a person wishes to work with.


  • To liberate the oppressed Muslim around the globe through our accepted wisdom and write up;
  • To train young generation Muslim about Islamic ideology on the premise of glorious Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW);
  • To perform and re-channel the thoughts of Muslim through Islamic Education, seminars, workshops, research and technology
  • To demonstrate the support of Muslim in the revolutionary work of Islam;
  • To train their children ideologically in order to defend the future of Islam;
  • To spread the true picture of al-Islam
  • To teach sound morality, creed and ideology of a good Muslim;
Our Programme
Ashirah (Mosque-to-mosque Preaching)

Ashirah is an Arabic word which means family. Ashirah, contextually, in Taawun usage, is a mosque-to-mosque programme organised or conducted on weekly basis. Every well-trained member must have his own Ashirah and it is considered as a stage of maturity in the organisation for a member to have one Ashirah coordinating regularly every week. Ashirah is the closest enlightenment programme to (Salatul-Maghrib) since it is common to the congregation to wait for night prayer (Salatul-Isha) before going to their respective homes.
A relevant topic would be chosen by the preacher, to correct or enlighten the congregation on any burning issues locally, nationally or internationally affecting the Muslims in general. The first phase of Ashirah comprises youth and elders in the mosque.
It takes between 30 and 40 minutes in duration. The second phase is done after night prayer (Salat al-Isha') and it consists of youths alone but any interested elderly Muslim can be allowed to sit with them. The reason why the second phase of Ashirah is youth-centred is that its message is movemental and requires strength and struggling to change some bad things in the society.
It also requires memorisation of Quranic verses, Hadith and learning of Islamic civilisation and application of it in personal lives of the participants.
Moreover, Ashirah is used by the movement to disseminate general information relating to the Jamaah. There also, some new faces do join the movement with enlightenment on the relevant department they can work with in the Jamaah.

Zonal Programme (Al-Muhafasah)

Zonal programme is a training forum where dawah methodology is taught and the progress report of Ashirah (family or local dawah) is submitted to the zonal Naqeeb. Some verses from the glorious Quran are taught and memorised coupled with their exegesis. It also requires financial contribution of each member aimed at propagating Islam and executing some Jamaah projects in the town. Being a training programme strictly meant for the members only, any member who fails to memorise or remember the former lesson taught would be lightly punished to discourage laziness and nonchalant attitude towards the membership training. At times, such a member may be fined financially or to be told to do press-up as an exercise for physical fitness. Read More...

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